Our yard care Fort Lauderdale team offers lawn and landscape treatments that provide comprehensive fertilization with all natural, organic nutrients. After one application, there is a visible difference. After repeated applications, layers of rich organic matter build up in the soil further strengthening your yard. Besides ensuring that the lawn and landscape receive an ample amount of vital nutrients, we provide pest control for the yard to protect turf and plants from pest attacks.

Environmental Pest Systems offers natural and organic fertilizers. We accompany these with bio-enhanced organic fertilizers and natural control of both pests and fungus. All of our fertilizers are muriatic-free. This means they will not damage your soil’s natural beneficial bacteria. The ultimate proof of success will be a rich, luxuriant lawn and yard.

Ongoing Lawn Care

Throughout the year, Environmental Pest Systems will treat your lawn to control pests — such as chinch bugs, grubs and sod webworms — that can damage the turf.

Lawns can also develop various types of fungal diseases that will spread if not treated. Environmental Pest Systems can stop these diseases in their tracks with our special anti-fungal treatments.

If weeds develop in your yard, our experienced Fort Lauderdale yard care team will remedy this situation by providing additional nutrients to energize your soil and minimize a weed invasion throughout the year. In some cases, we spot-treat weeds with herbicides that help the healthy turf fill in those areas.

Palms, Hedges and Shrubbery

Environmental Pest Systems takes extra care to keep your palms, hedges and shrubbery healthy and robust. We do this by enriching the soil and maintaining ample quantities of nutrients throughout the year. This will keep your foliage healthy, encourage deep roots, and boost your plants’ natural immune systems.