Pest Control Broward

Whether you are a business or homeowner, Environmental Pest Systems will help you with Organic Pest Control Services. EPS will control house and yard pests as well as fleas, ants, roaches and rodents. EPS also treats for drywood and subterranean termites.



Our rodent control Fort Lauderdale services are designed to rid your home or office of rodent infestations. Rats and mice are excellent climbers. Rats have a vertical jump of up to three feet and can drop from heights of 50 feet without harming themselves. If rats and mice cannot work their way around an object, they may simply go through it. They are more than capable of gnawing on many materials such as improperly cured concrete, glass, aluminum siding, cinder block and lead sheathing. Since rodents can be such a destructive pest, a thorough inspection along with a multi-faceted approach to halt them is essential.


Our termite control Fort Lauderdale team helps rid your home or office of drywood and subterranean termite infestations. Each location is carefully reviewed to determine which method of treatment for that type of termite is warranted.

We do Drywood Termite Treatments and Subterranean Termites Treatments, as well as Tent Fumigation and Borate Treatments.


Our whitefly control Fort Lauderdale team helps to treat and prevent whitefly infestations in your yard or around your landscape. Whitefly infestations can result in damaged hedges, cause trees to wilt, yellow, drop leaves or possibly even die.


Our yard care Fort Lauderdale team offers lawn and landscape treatments that provide comprehensive fertilization with all natural, organic nutrients. After one application, there is a visible difference. After repeated applications, layers of rich organic matter build up in the soil further strengthening your yard. Besides ensuring that the lawn and landscape receive an ample amount of vital nutrients, we provide pest control for the yard to protect turf and plants from pest attacks.

What people say about us

“Prior to having Environmental Pest Systems recommended to us, our home was being “treated” with the standard pest control methods by a standard pest control company. The results were also standard. Critters were sharing our home: large, small, crawling and flying. Family members were always scratching something somewhere. Richard and his staff have managed to turn all that into history. We now live critter-free. Environmental Pest Systems shows up, shows up on time and ready to go to work. The staff is quick, but extremely efficient, and our home is treated both inside and outside. Environmental Pest Systems has put the control back into pest control. Thanks.”
Larry and Maria F., Lauderhill, Florida
”Over five years ago we thought we had a small ant problem. Little did we know that we had a nesting problem of formidable proportion inside our walls. Our neighbor recommended Environmental Pest Systems, and within a week of the treatment the problem with all the ants was eliminated. We have retained your regular service since and have not seen one ant or a bug. We are pleased to recommend you and your service to any homeowner who wants to maintain an insect-free home.”
Howard and Kaison G., Plantation, Florida