Yes. Whiteflies have been in the south Florida landscape for the past few years. There are liquid, granular and injection methods available to treat for the white fly. We offer all three treatment methods.

Yes. To eradicate fleas, Environmental Pest Systems offers a thorough and natural dry formulation for all carpeted areas of your house. In addition, we treat your entire yard with botanical oils. The only complaints we get are from the fleas, begging for mercy!

Our two most popular programs are Envirosafe365 and Ecosafe60.

The Envirosafe365 approach treats both the inside and outside of your house, attacking the insects when they attempt to break into your home as well as if they do gain access. We treat all accessible outlets and switch plates in every room including the garage. We caulk openings inside and outside the house and apply a barrier to the exterior around the doors, windows and foundation. Every three months a technician will return to apply a fresh barrier to minimize insect problems.

The Ecosafe60 program has become very popular since the advent of two new ant species to South Florida, the white footed ant and the pheidole ant. With this service, we treat the house every two months, applying an exterior barrier to stop pests. It has been proven to work well, resulting in good control around the house. Also, the product does not completely break down in two months, giving you continuous protection. Another advantage of this program is that you do not have to be home when the service is performed.

Yes, cockroaches are just one of many insects that we treat for in our pest control programs. Environmental Pest Systems carries an extensive and effective arsenal of baits, insect growth regulators, and natural insecticidal dusts.

Rodents must file their teeth daily because their teeth are constantly growing. This is why eliminating any rodents that may be in or near your house is essential. Rodents that gain access to your home can damage furniture as well as wiring with their chewing.

Environmental Pest Systems offers a comprehensive approach to rodent control. After an inspection, we will recommend a baiting or trapping solution. Once that phase is complete, we can provide an exclusion service to stop further rodent intrusions into your home.

Yes, Environmental Pest Systems’ borate treatment for drywood termites is also effective on subterranean termites. We can perform a localized treatment or an extensive treatment to the home, office or commercial business. We offer the top two termiticides available to protect any house that is confronted with subterranean termites. Once the treatment process is complete, a house will be protected against termites for many years.

Yes. One of the most effective, long-lasting treatments for drywood termites and other types of wood-destroying organisms is a process using borates, which are made from boron, one of the earth’s natural elements. In university studies, borate has been shown to be as in-depth and effective as tent fumigation for eradicating termites. Also, borate has the longest residual of any treatment available. Our method is extremely safe; in fact, you may remain in your home while the work is performed. It is important to also realize that sometimes tent fumigation may be the only alternative to your house because of structure limitations.

Yes. Our lawn-care program uses some conventional and many alternative products to correct any problems in your lawn — and to ensure that your yard is on its way to full recovery. We use the absolute minimal amount of insecticides and herbicides required to correct any yard concerns and to enrich the soil to benefit the lawn, trees, hedges and shrubbery. We constantly strive to improve each yard with our custom-blended, granular fertilizers and bio-enhanced liquid fertilizers.

Unlike other companies, Environmental Pest Systems has its granular lawn and landscape fertilizers,made fresh each month and shipped immediately to us. This gives each customer’s yard the greatest possible benefits. We use numerous natural and organic products to give the yard the look that you desire. After one application customers begin to see a difference. After several applications, the soil begins to see the difference. That’s the beauty of using a wide array of natural and organic products. After you enrich the soil and protect the beneficial bacteria in the soil, the turf and foliage respond in a positive manner.

No. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants are not considered a wood-destroying organism in Florida. They excavate the wood in the attic, walls or window frame to set up their colonies.

No. Environmental Pest Systems constantly reviews new conventional, natural and organic products. We then incorporate those new products that meet our standards into our program.

Yes. All Environmental Pest Systems employees are bonded.

Yes. As part of our licensing and regulation by the State of Florida, Environmental Pest Systems is required to carry business liability insurance.

Yes, Environmental Pest Systems has a certified operator in charge, and our technicians receive ongoing training from state-approved seminars.